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Where the rebuild cost of an individual property exceeds £1,000,000 please call us on 01372 303145 to discuss your individual requirements

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We have a range of products to suite new build, conversions and also older properties.

If you need to upload additional files or documents at a later date please follow instructions in step one only.

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Step 1 – Upload any of the following documents which you may have:

  1. Accomodation Schedule (showing gross area and breakdown of net internal area of each unit and its proportionate amount of cummunal space)
  2. Site Layout (Showing site numbering and number of units)
  3. Support Information (BBA, Trade & Piling Certificates etc) See list below.

Step 2 – Application Form

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Enter ‘File Uploaded’ where relevant.

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If Conversion:

Please Note: A Structural Report will be necessary to issue a quote.

Other information needed for final Certificate Sign Off:

1) Insurance Backed Guarantee (Flat roof and habitable basements)
2) Structural Engineers Sign Off and the Structural Engineers Report


1a) We declare that to the best of our knowledge and believe that the statements and particulars supplied are true and complete.
1b) We declare that no material information has been withheld.
2) We agree to accept the usual form of policy for this type of insurance. A specimen copy of the policy is available on request.

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We may use the personal and business details you give us, or which are supplied by third parties, to provide you with a quotation, to administer your policy, to search the les of credit reference agencies who may keep a record of the search, to carry out such nancial and other enquiries as we consider necessary to evaluate the risk and assist in making a decision regarding our acceptance of
the risk, to support the development of our business including your details in customer surveys, and for market research and compliance business reviews. We may also share these details with other insurance organisations to help off- set risks, to help administer your policy and to handle claims and prevent fraud. We will store your details on computer but will not keep them for longer than necessary. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, you are entitled to a copy of all the information we hold about you.

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